New Arrivals:Street Corner Collection

Kurayoshi Line and Remains Collection
18 posts

Kurayoshi Line, which connected between JR Kurayoshi Station and Yamamori Station, was abandoned in 1985. There is a popular spot called "t...

19 posts


8 posts


Ghibli work-like/related scenery
3 posts

This is a collection of scenery that likely appear in "Ghibli Works" animation films or actually related to the films. I suppose you can en...

Komatsushima Line and its remains
4 posts

It was a very short line that was discontinued in 1985. There were totally only three stations which are JR Chuden Station, Komatsushima St...

Trains of Tokushima prefecture
3 posts

This collection is for trains of Tokushima prefecture. Although there are not as many as in Kyoto or Osaka, all of the trains are properly...


Railroads & Abandoned Lines(189)

Collections related to stations, station markers, railroad crossings, preserved vehicles, etc.

Maintenance hole(91)

General collection from regular manholes to design manholes


A collection of unusual mailboxes

Signs, signs, and monuments(14)

Monuments, objets d'art, haiku monuments, traffic signs, etc.


Other Collections.

street piano(2)

Pianos in the city where anyone can play.

Japan's best(1)

Japan's best, top 5, 3 major spots, etc.

spring water(1)

A collection of spring water that exists throughout Japan.


Collection of shopping streets.

vending machine(1)

Not only drinks and food, but also "odd" vending machines.

Bridges and stairs(1)

Large, small, long, even short.

hot spring(0)

Collection of hot springs, footbaths, river baths, and super public baths.


A collection of real castles and castle ruins.


Collection of lighthouses.


street corner collection

Take photos of things in the city according to predetermined rules and collect "I've been there! and collect them. This is the "Street Corner Collection. For example, the following rule is a fine collection by itself. Go to 7 springs in your area Go looking for the 15 actual manholes depicted on manhole cards Go to the remains of stations that used to be on abandoned railroads, 25 in all I'm going to "eat my way" through 3 odd vending machines Go out to complete 6 slightly rare signs In other words, it may be similar to "trying it out" on YouTube or "collecting dragon balls" in manga. By the way, did you know that some business owners say that travel "makes people grow"? I myself have traveled in various places in the past, and each time I traveled, I made various discoveries, and I feel that I grew as a person. Now, why don't you start a "street corner collection" by you and for you?

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