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Ghibli work-like/related scenery
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This is a collection of scenery that likely appear in "Ghibli Works" animation films or actually related to the films. I suppose you can en...

Komatsushima Line and its remains
4 posts

It was a very short line that was discontinued in 1985. There were totally only three stations which are JR Chuden Station, Komatsushima St...

Trains of Tokushima prefecture
3 posts

This collection is for trains of Tokushima prefecture. Although there are not as many as in Kyoto or Osaka, all of the trains are properly...

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Craft beer
30 posts

A collection of only craft breweries or bars directly owned breweries! I won't mention the taste of the beer because it's a personal pref...

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「芸術は爆発だ!」というフレーズでも有名な天才アーティスト、岡本太郎さんの作品コレクションです。 一度見たら、忘れられない独創的な作品です...

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国土交通省が公開している交通標識 PDF「ichiran_20210921_3.pdf」の中の「規制標識」のコレクションです。

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国土交通省が公開している交通標識 PDF「ichiran_20210921_3.pdf」の中の「警戒標識」のコレクションです。

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国土交通省が公開している交通標識 PDF「ichiran_20210921_3.pdf」の中の「指示標識」のコレクションです。 ※ ただし、「規制予告」のA・Bパターン...

Street Piano
48 posts

A collection of "street pianos" anyone can play!

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